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the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars

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Name:the dashing half-inch prince
Location:Florida, United States of America
valkyrie. 22. gay, genderfluid. taken ♥
fandom-mind. gamer. horror junkie. fanfic writer.
friends only.
bio. your turn.
transformers. brave police j-decker. star trek. supernatural. doctor who. sherlock. loveless. pet shop of horrors. legend of zelda. avatar: the last airbender. legend of korra. harry potter. animorphs. buffy the vampire slayer. portal. okami.
[community profile] dustandechoes
Likes: reading, writing, video games; robots, zombie-slaying, cats.

Dislikes: poor drivers, inconsiderate folk, bigotry.
request commentfic.
anon post.
one sentence descriptions.
you are the __ to my __.
fandom a-z.

One Sentence Descriptions
"You are the whisper in a unicorn's dream." -- spiral_meter

You are the ____ to my ____
"You are the Sideswipe to my Prowl." -- ragnarok_08
"You are the fried bacon to my exploding lemur collection." -- primusatemyleg
"You are the sperm to my whale." -- spiral_meter
"You are the... America to my Europe!" -- leukocytes
"You are the apple to my pie." -- twilightthief

(feel free to go to both of those posts and put silly (or serious!) things as you desire. ♥)



Marriage is love.

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